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The Reefs

Jay’s Pro Dive Center is 20km south of Inhambane in the bay of Praia de Jangamo, perfectly positioned close to some of the most loved diving locations in the world. Right at our doorstep, our diving courses allow you to explore corals, countless schools of game fish, turtles, sharks, dolphins and manta rays.

1. Batfish Pinnacle
• Average Depth: 12m | Maximum Depth: 16m

2. Caves
• Average Depth: 9m | Maximum Depth: 12m

3. Devils Peak
Devils peak is one of the greatest local dive sites as it is a freestanding rock a swim through. The dive showcases plenty caves and overhangs to explore and add experience for the diver.
• Average Depth: 12m | Maximum Depth: 19m

4. Disneyland
This is the perfect spot for the adventurous diver! This newly discovered deep dive is one of Mozambique’s best-kept secrets.
• Average Depth: 22m | Maximum Depth: 38m

5. Hard Rock
• Average Depth: 15m | Maximum Depth: 22m

6. Lego
• Average Depth: 18m | Maximum Depth: 24m

7. Pao Rock
This is a Jangamo Bay classic! The reef showcases numerous species of morays, reef sharks, crocodile flat heads, mantis and cleaner shrimps, crustaceans and stingrays.
• Average Depth: 12m | Maximum Depth: 18m

8. Tombstone
• Average Depth: 24m | Maximum Depth: 32m

9. Turtle Creek
Turtle Creek allows divers to experience the feeling of descending onto a reef between families of green turtles that aren’t even bothered by the diver’s presence. This dive is a once in a lifetime experience and highly recommended.
• Average Depth: 18m | Maximum Depth: 24m

1. Green Tree
• Average Depth: 32m | Maximum Depth: 40m

2. Manta Reef (Voted one of the top ten dive sites in the world)
This reef is fast becoming famous throughout the diving community, as it is regarded one of the best dive sites in Africa if not the world. Playful devil rays and sometimes eagle rays swim above the reef and on occasion its possible to see sharks and other rays.
• Average Depth: 22m | Maximum Depth: 26m

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3. XTC
• Average Depth: 26m | Maximum Depth: 34m

1. Coral Gardens
• Average Depth: 10m | Maximum Depth: 12m

2. Paindane Express
• Average Depth: 24m | Maximum Depth: 30m

3. Island Rock
Island Rock is one of Jay’s Pro Dive Centre’s new dive sites. The dive will leave divers feeling astounded by the overhangs, boulders and swim-throughs that make Island Rock one of our most interesting dives.
• Average Depth: 12m | Maximum Depth: 14m

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